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Frequent Questions

  • Every single one of our listings is 100% verified!

    The Moerland Locations team visits all our properties and every home meets strict specifications. We know all our owners personally. Some of our houses are also listed by Atout France (a government agency). There is ZERO risk of renting a non-existent property with Moerland Locations!

  • Cancellation due to unforeseen emergency

    When you rent a house for your holiday with Moerland Locations, you can always cancel in the event of an emergency. As long as guest cancel before the start of their stay, we will refund the deposit or any instalment amount paid (less the admin and cancellation fee, and subject to the guarantee limit). The holiday cancellation guarantee cannot be used under certain conditions (please check with us) and may only be used in the following circumstances: death, serious illness or accident of the lessee or one of his/her companions, subject to them being listed on the booking slip, or one of their next-of-kin to the first degree; pregnancy complications of the lessee or one of his/her companions, subject to them being listed on the booking slip; fire, natural disaster in the lessee's home or business; the lessee being made redundant a maximum 30 days before the start of the holiday. More details upon request and in your letting contract.


  • How to make a reservation for a holiday villa

    Search for a villa and click on the reservation button. Soon more information...

Your stay

  • What is the content of a towelset?

    A towelset consists of a bathtowel an a smaller towel.

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We strive to make your search for and booking of a holiday villa as easy as possible. Have you got a question or do you want more information, please contact us. We are looking forward to assist you.

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