Data protection policy

I) Identity of the processing entity
The company MOERLAND, with a share capital of €25,000.00, entered in the Companies Register under number 445 210 537 00129 and whose head office is located Space Antipolis 5, 2323 chemin de Saint Bernard, 06220 VALLAURIS - FRANCE (hereinafter the 'Company'); this company acts on its own behalf and for its group companies.

II) Terminology

User: any natural person, registered or not, using the Company's services or website as a client or as a website visitor.
Website: this is the website

III) Collection, terms and purposes of the data processing

The Company collects personal data (surname, name, date of birth, address and e-mail, telephone no., booking history, IP address, property photos, browsing tracks on our website, browsing frequency...) on the browsing User, checking and/or capturing personal information on our website so as to provide access to our services.

This data collection takes place where the User:

  • Sets up an account

  • Registers for newsletters or alerts offered by the Company, carries out a request for return on the website

  • Contacts the Company's Customer Service by any communication method made available such as e-mail, instant messaging (Tchat), telephone, etc.

  • Browses the website and checks articles

  • Writes a comment or notice on an article

  • Shares a notice with a friend by sending an e-mail from a product file

  • Shares a notice through Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest from a product file

  • Fills in a data capture or contact form on the website

  • Takes part in a game/competition

  • We may also collect data through third parties, especially social networks, when you use your account with these third parties to register or connect with our services. During use, you are notified about the information the third party in question sends to us.

 The collected data are necessary for the following processing:

  • Management and monitoring of commercial relationships between the Company and the client (especially transactions related to booking a stay, renting a property, payments and invoicing, complaints, information, etc.).

  • Information sent via text message, e-mail or any other communication method on the performance terms of the contract binding us (information on your trip, offering supplementary services for your stay, details on your arrival/departure, etc.)

  • Sending marketing information (see the 'Newsletters' paragraph below)

  • Personalising website content, displaying targeted adverts especially on social networks

  • Sharing information with our partners regarding Company business (property and holiday websites/portals, estate agencies, banking...), hereinafter the 'Partners'

  • Making share buttons available linking to social networks

  • Compiling website hit statistics and marketing studies

  • Preventing and fighting against fraud

  • Identification on your intranet

The same applies for all information your send to us relating to people for whom you are booking a package holiday. You undertake here to obtain their prior consent for sending their information.

Creating an account, forms and questionnaires

The User shall fill in all the fields on the account registration, data capture or contact forms on the website, except those fields displayed as optional, i.e. not marked with an asterisk. The optional information is collected by the Company and enables us to get to know website Users better.

Failure to fill in a mandatory field or to agree to the PPD surety will mean that the form is not sent to the Company.

Data recipients

The collected data are for use by the Company. The data may be sent to Partners with regard to the Company's business, police or legal services within the framework of legal requirements.
The data may also be processed by subcontractors that the Company contracts within the framework of creating, updating, maintaining and storing the databases with a view to providing the Company's services, and preventing and fighting against fraud.

The data may be used to protect our rights and/or obtain damages for events that may affect us or to limit their consequences.

Within the framework of our business, we may use commercial partners who aim to provide you with certain services such as a sports activity provider, a winery for tastings, a restaurant, etc. Therefore, some of your information (surname, name, telephone no., etc.) will be sent to them. Nonetheless, our commercial partners may not use your data for purposes other than those required to perform the services you have requested. They are thus obliged to process them in strict accordance with current legislation.

IV) User rights and protection

1) Right of access, rectification and cancellation for the data; right of opposition to processing

The User has a right of access, rectification and cancellation for the data in question. The User may specifically oppose the processing of his/her personal data. To do so, they merely have to send a letter to the company at 9 Route de Saint-Chinian 34360 PRADES SUR VERNAZOBRE or to fill in the online contact form.

The User must state their surname, name and postal address. Their request must be signed and a valid current form of identity attached that bears their signature. The User may specify the address where the response should be sent to them.

The Company has a deadline of one month from receipt of the User's request to respond to it. After this deadline, the Client may contact the CNIL (French Data Protection Agency) if the Company's response is negative or where it fails to reply.

2) Data portability

The User has the right to portability of the personal data processed electronically providing them with:

  • The right to receive their personal data in a structured format

  • The right to obtain personal data that may be directly sent from a processing manager to another except where this is technically impossible.

3) Transfer of personal data outside the European Union

Personal data are stored, hosted and processed within the European Union.

4) Duration of data storage and the right to be forgotten

4.1 The Company stores the data for five years starting from the end of the relationship with the client or prospective client. The term starts from any of the following: the last transaction made; the last submission of a request; the last call to customer service; the last e-mail sent to the customer service; a click on an hypertext link in an e-mail sent by the Company, or from a positive response to an e-mail asking whether the client wishes to continue receiving information or alerts at the end of the five-year deadline.

Nevertheless, information enabling proof of a right or contract to be established, or stored due to a legal obligation, may be archived in accordance with current legal provisions and stipulations.

At the end of this deadline, client or prospective client data will be completely anonymised or destroyed.

  • Browsing data are stored for a maximum duration of 13 months

  • Data relating to prospective clients are kept for a maximum duration of three years starting from the last contact you sent to Moerland Vacances

  • Data relating to identity documents that you send to us when exercising your right of access or rectification are kept for a maximum duration of 12 months

  • Information enabling the right of opposition for those in question receiving marketing information to be taken into account is kept for a maximum duration of three years starting from this right being exercised.

We can also delete your data at your request.

Nonetheless, at the end of the aforementioned deadlines, including your request for cancellation, your data may be subject to conservation so as to meet our legal, accounting and tax obligations (e.g. the obligation to keep invoices for 10 years in accordance with article L.123-22 of the French Commercial Code) and/or during the applicable prescription deadline and/or in the event of legal proceedings for the duration of said proceedings.

4.2 Notwithstanding the above, the User has the right to be forgotten and for their personal data processed by the Company to be cancelled, subject to the right of the Company to keep certain data with regard to professional civil liability, tax obligations and legal prescriptions.

The User must send his/her demand in the same methods as for the right of access set out above.

5) Fate of personal data after death

The Company hereby informs the User that s/he may define in their lifetime instructions regarding the conservation, cancellation and communication of their personal data after death. These instructions may be general or specific. The User may modify or cancel these instructions at any time. To do so, the User may contact the Company in the same conditions as for the right of access set out above.

6) Specific functions

Company Newsletters - E-mail Alerts

When creating an account or registering and then managing preferences, or based on the selection of certain services, the User may sign up for the Company's newsletter or e-mail alerts, as well as choose to be regularly updated on offers, invitations, news... S/he has the opportunity at any time to unsubscribe by clicking the link provided for this purpose at the bottom of each newsletter.


The Company may use clients' mobile number to send offers, requests and alerts. Clients have the opportunity at all times to oppose this simply and freely, or to unsubscribe from alerts, on the website under the 'My Account' tab, or via the contact form or by sending a letter to the following postal address: 9 Route de Saint-Chinian 34360 PRADES SUR VERNAZOBRE.


Cookie definition

A cookie is a small text file placed or stored on your device (computer, tablet, mobile phone) when you visit a website. The cookie enables a site to recognise you, help you browse from page to page on a website, provide secure connections and remember your preferences on your next visit.

The Company uses cookies to recognise Users (clients or not) when they connect to the website. They are anonymous and do not collect or store personal data.

Deleting cookies

The User may at all times deactivate the cookies stored on their device. To do so, they merely have to use the button provided for this purpose on the legal notices page or select the appropriate settings in their browser and check the help menu in their browser.
This deactivation may, however, impede access to certain functionalities on the website that enable the services offered by the Company to be personalised.

Web beacons

The Company uses web beacons on some website pages to enable the number of visitors to the page to be counted and to update the website. These beacons may be used with some of our partners, especially to measure and improve the effectiveness of our services. The information collected by these web beacons is anonymous and enables visits to certain website pages to be known so as to better assist Website Users.

Social network plugins

The Website uses social network plugins such as Facebook, Twitter (hereinafter 'Social Networks'). For example, if the User is connected to Facebook when browsing the website, Facebook may directly link their visit to their Facebook account even if the User has not used the share button.

If the User interacts through plugins, e.g. clicking on the 'Like' button or by leaving a comment, the corresponding information will be sent and recorded on a Facebook server. It will be published on the User's Facebook account.

The Company does not manage the data collected by Social Networks through these buttons. The User must be aware of the policy regarding personal data protection for information published by the Social Networks in question so as to know the processing and use methods for data collected by the latter, as well as the settings possibilities they have to protect their privacy.

If the User does not want the Social Network to link the information collected by the Company to their Social Network account, s/he must disconnect from the Social Network before browsing the Website.

We are also likely to use your data to send out advertising that may interest you on third-party websites or social network platforms. For further information on this subject, we invite you to consult the terms and conditions regarding use of your data directly on these websites and/or third-party platforms.

Security measures taken by the Company to ensure personal data protection

The Company implements all technical means in accordance with the current state of the art to maintain the integrity, digital and physical security, and confidentiality of the data and, especially, to ensure they are not distorted, damaged or accessed by unauthorised third parties, specifically by using encryption, passwords, firewalls, anti-viruses and any other suitable technical means.


Moerland may need to modify this Charter, especially if current legislation changes. Any change will be notified on this page

The Company