Rent your property stress free OUR HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE
Homeowner insurance

Our Homeowners Insurance covers most of the damage that could be caused by tenants in your accommodation, if your own home insurance does not cover them.

Our insurance includes:

  • Coverage of damage caused by NOVASOL tenants
  • Covering the loss of rental income if the repair involves the cancellation of existing reservations.
  • A deductible of only 135 EUR!

And much more!

In other words, our insurance acts in addition to yours. If this does not cover you or covers only part of the damage, our Homeowners Insurance can take over.

On the other hand, do not forget that the subscription to a home insurance is compulsory in France and that your affiliation to ours has its limits.

The "Minor Damage" concept
This concept means that NOVASOL reimburses you the cost of repairing or replacing an object damaged by the tenants, up to a maximum of € 135 per stay.

There is no deductible applicable and there is no need to declare the claim to your insurance or to request compensation from your tenants.

The only thing that we ask you to do is to leave at the disposal of the tenants a form of declaration of Minor Damage so that they can declare a possible breakage occurring during their stay.

You must then replace or repair the object in question and send us the completed and signed form, accompanied by the supporting invoice. We will refund you immediately!.

Open the minor damage form here.

The minor damage form