Rent your property stress free MOERLAND & NOVASOL
Lovers of Languedoc, Sari and Hans MOERLAND and their children settled in the region in 1977. From the start, they managed to share their love for this beautiful region with their friends and family before creating in 1986, Moerland Holiday rentals, a family business specializing in the rental of quality holiday homes in Languedoc, which has become essential in the region over the years, offering up to more than 200 holiday homes and villas for rent, most of them with swimming pools.

From 2019, NOVASOL is committed with André Moerland to perpetuate this history, with as main mission the satisfaction of the owners who trust us. For this, all our efforts are focused on 2 priorities:

  • A wide range of services thanks to our local "Moerland" team.
Reception of tenants, final cleaning, linen rental, pool maintenance

  • A unique distribution network in Europe thanks to Novasol.
The Novasol site, travel agencies, portals and other partners.

Thanks to this Moerland & Novasol union, we are able to provide you with the best possible rental yield as well as support for all the services related to the rental of your property.

In 1968 Novasol was a company located in a cellar in Copenhagen, led by one person.

Today, it has grown to become the largest vacation home rental organization in Europe. The difference between 1968 and today is immense - but the essential principles have been maintained and have remained the same.

Today, NOVASOL is an international company with many branches all over Europe and hundreds of willing and able employees. Even today, the customer is at the center of our interests and we continue to attach ourselves to the values which have been ours since the beginning and which characterize NOVASOL: quality, service and credibility!

We distinguish ourselves from other vacation rental companies by a continuous search for quality, by a better, personalized service and by our credibility which means that you can trust us. Likewise, a very close collaboration with the owners of holiday homes is important as well as essential, because it is only together that we can improve quality.

Ultimately, our success is simply based on the privileged bond of our customers - whether it is an owner or a vacationer. The only way to achieve this is great determination and credibility in daily work based on the following principle:

“We keep our promises and if possible more! "